August 8th Big Green Lake

Welcome to the father and son fishing tricks and tips website.  10 Year old Leo Morris will teach you to catch more and bigger fish.

August 22nd Big Green Lake

Fishing tricks and tips for Wisconsin and midwestern lakes.  All species fishing including bass, pike, musky, walleye and panfish.

Local Lakes

Learn fish our top fishing lakes in Wisconsin.  Big Green Lake,  Fox lake, Beaver Dam Lake, Lake Emily, Little Green and many more!

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Years Old

My name is Leo Morris I am 10 years old.  Welcome to my fishing web site.  I will be showing my favorite fishing techniques, fishing tricks and fishing tips for Wisconsin fishing.  I enjoy bass fishing, pike fishing, walleye fishing and basically any kind of fishing.  My favorite Lakes are Big Green Lake and Fox lake.  I also love Wisconsin ice fishing!

I have a sister and 2 brothers and I live in Beaver Dam Wisconsin on Beaver Dam Lake.  I hope to someday make a living with fishing and help my friends learn how to catch big fish.

I will do videos for your company including lure reviews and product reviews.  If you contact me I will also catch and release a fish in you or your companies name.

Lia Morris

Lia the best 3 year old fisher girl!

Torin Morris

Torin always brings us good fishing luck!